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Couples counselling revolves around examining the romantic relationship in order to resolve interpersonal conflict. The history of the relationship, communication styles, relationship goals, perspective-taking, the establishment of boundaries, power dynamics and the impact of external relationships and stressors are all explored with an emphasis on gaining a shared understanding, mutual respect, and alignment of goals. A counsellor does not serve as a referee or judge, but rather challenges both parties through open dialogue and specialized exercises to deepen the quality of the relationship.


Often couples counselling involves seeing the parties individually as well to get a full picture of the source of challenges within the relationship and to understand how relationship stresses are affecting the individuals. An approach of alternatively seeing the couple together as a unit and separately as individuals can accelerate the process of healing the relationship.

Our services include: Individual Counselling | Couple Counselling | Family Counselling | Family Mediation | Grief Counselling | Trauma Counselling | Anxiety Therapy/ Counselling | Depression Counselling | Personality Disorder Counseling | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Mindfulness Therapy | EMDR Therapy | Hypnotherapy

Maryam Mills, Registered Clinical Counsellor serves clients across North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Surrey, and the surrounding area

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